light-147810_640A Texas Insurance Update We have all seen advertisements that make it sound as though it only takes a few minutes to buy insurance that will be “good enough” to cover your risks.  These advertisements are often misleading and are slick sales tactics to try to get your business.  Insurance can be complicated.  You need someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, and who will work on your behalf to make sure your risks are properly covered. If you go to this site, you can see all the insurance companies to which we have access.  This gives us the ability to search the market to find the best possible combination of coverage, price, and service. We Offer Convenience There are several easy ways to connect with us about your insurance.  You can call, email, text or log in to our web page to access your information. A simple call to our team can start the process of renewing your personal insurance. We do all the work while you focus on doing the things you enjoy most in life.  We have two convenient locations in case you want to stop in for a cup of coffee. You Control The Process You get to decide when to connect with us. You can use our social media or give us a call.  We can deliver a quote to you in a very short time frame via email or by phone. We Only Offer The Coverage You Need Our team understands your time is important and we will not sell you something you do not need or want.  You may need higher limits if you have more assets, or you may only need renter’s insurance. Why An Independent Agent Serves You Better?
  • Independent agents have licensed and experienced staff.
  • You can stop in and meet your agent and have a cup of coffee.
  • Independent agents have access to more markets.
  • Independent agents can offer unbiased advice.
  • You get choices and can select insurance on your terms.
  • Their staff is qualified and trained to explain coverage in simple terms.
  • You can use our website to manage your account.
  • You get peace of mind knowing you are covered.
  • We have strong roots in our community.
  • Personal insurance coverage can be designed to meet your individual circumstances.
  • Independent agents will help you through the claims process from start to completion.
Since your home is your most valuable asset, you need homeowners insurance. It gives you financial protection if something unexpected happens to your home, theft, fire, a natural disaster, or other loss. At J.S. Edwards & Sherlock, we offer a wide variety of homeowners insurance plans that are custom designed to suit your needs. The result is an individualized policy that gives you the peace of mind and protection you need.