flash-1455285_1920Be Prepared For The Next Storm There is no question another wind, flood, hail, or rain storm is in our future. It is always best to do a little preparation now so that you and your family are ready. First, we recommend that you have an agent complete a personal insurance review. There are some key areas of your personal insurance that help you in the event of a storm. These are just a sample of the kinds of questions we might ask you.
  • Do you have flood insurance?
  • If you live in high wind areas, you may need special wind coverage.
  • Are your deductibles in line with your lifestyle?
  • Does your homeowner’s insurance include extra expense coverage? This would provide funds to rent a second home or a hotel room in the event your home needs repairs.
Create An Emergency Kit
  • Three-day supply of food and water
  • Medications
  • Sanitation and personal hygiene items
  • Flashlight
  • Whistle
  • Cash
  • Photocopies of identification and credit cards
  • Batteries
  • Solar power source for smartphone
  • Dust masks for every family member
  • Items for infants such as formula, diapers, bottles, and pacifiers
  • First aid kit
Another good idea is to create a home inventory that incudes; phots or video of each room and description of other personal property. Use your smart phone and upload it to the cloud for safe storage. Since your home is your most valuable asset, you need homeowner’s insurance.  Homeowners insurance gives you financial protection and peace of mind if something unexpected happens to your homes like theft, fire, natural disaster, or other loss.  At J.S. Edwards and Sherlock, we offer a wide variety of homeowners’ insurance plans that are custom designed to suit your needs.  The result is an individualized policy that gives you the peace of mind and protection you need. These are just a few of the personal insurance issues that can create real problems for you. Call our office for a free review. Call one of our agents today to talk about which insurance policy is best for you. At J.S. Edwards & Sherlock Insurance Agency, we are proud to help individuals and families get the coverage they need.