trend-1202993_640A Texas Workers’ Compensation Update Workers’ compensation provides many benefits to employees and injured workers.  Workers’ compensation allows injured employees to have access to healthcare, and will pay for time lost if they miss work.  There are many changes occurring in healthcare and these will affect your business.
  • Many healthcare providers are moving toward faster and more convenient service methods. This will mean quicker response time for injured workers.
  • At the same time, healthcare costs are increasing while revenues are declining. This will require healthcare providers to find new revenue streams or reduce services.
  • Many states such as Florida, California, Texas, New York and others are scheduled to enact new workers’ compensation reform, which might include rate increases. Other states may follow based on what these larger states do.
  • There is an increased concern about workplace violence. Employers will need to have very strict anti-harassment and violence policies.
  • There is also a move to create uniformity in state workers’ compensation benefit procedures. Two people performing the same task in different states may receive entirely different benefits.  While this may not be a problem for many states, it may be problematic for those states where workers travel from state to state on a daily basis.
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