Protection(1)Extra Perks You Get With Home Insurance Everyone who owns a home buys homeowner’s insurance to cover the dwelling and some level of coverage for personal property. But homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance can offer many additional benefits other than for just coverage for the dwelling and personal property. Let’s look at some of the other kinds of coverage and benefits you get with the right type of personal insurance.
  1. Replacement Cost Coverage. If you select this kind of added coverage on your home or renter policy, you will have the added benefit of replacing your damaged property with new. Without this coverage, your settlement would be depreciated, and you will not have enough to replace your damaged property with new.
  2. Identify Theft. Many personal insurance products can include some level of coverage for identity theft. Generally, this coverage would help with expenses you incur trying to get your identity back in order and your credit cleared.
  3. Additional Living Expense. If you have a covered loss that requires you to move out of your home additional living expense can provide funds to offset expenses for temporary housing, food and other kinds of out of pocket expenses.
  4. Advances of Funds. If your loss is substantial, the insurer can offer an advance on future repair expenses to help you make deposits to contractors and other vendors.
  5. Claims And Adjusting Services. Many personal insurance companies have experienced professionals ready to help you manage your loss. These people can help you better understand the claim process and work with contractors to help you get your property replaced or restored as soon as possible.
  6. Coverage for expensive art, guns or jewelry. If you own any kind of art or collections that may have a high value, your homeowner’s insurance can provide coverage with many different deductible options.
  7. Lenders Required Coverage. If your lender requires homeowner insurance coverage, we can provide the necessary documentation to meet these kinds of requirements.
  8. Claims Due To Dog Bites. Your home or renter insurance coverage can include coverage in the event your dog bites a third party.
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