bigstock-Accident-With-Two-Cars-10969376It is our hope you never have an accident or loss of any kind.  But once you have a loss, knowing that your claim is covered by insurance can offer a great deal of peace of mind.  That’s what insurance is all about, right?  If you understand the claim process, you may find you will have fewer headaches, stress, and frustration, and have your claim resolved much faster. Of course, we are here to help you through your claims. Our team is focused on helping all our clients through every claims to your satisfaction. Here are some thoughts to help you file your claim Our agency is here to help you manage the entire claim process.
  1. We recommend you always read your insurance policy, so you know what is covered and what is not covered.
  2. If you are not sure if your claim is covered or have questions, call our office, we are here to help you.
  3. After the loss occurs, you need to provide notification to the insurance company or to your agent.
  4. Document all costs relating to the loss or claim. If you are in an auto accident, take photos with your smartphone. Get witnesses information too.
  5. You have a responsibility to prevent further damage after a loss or damage. For example, if you have damage to you home, you will need to patch the damaged part with plastic or other material temporarily to prevent any further water damage.
  6. The claim process may involve working with a number of people. Our office can help you understand who is on your side. You will have to talk to the insurer’s claims adjuster at some point to review the claim and settlement.
  7. Before accepting any settlement of your claim, make sure you are completely satisfied with the amount.
  8. Remember, all losses will be adjusted based on your deductible.
Our professional employees are committed to developing ongoing communication with our clients and striving to exceed your expectations. You are not buying a product; you are managing your risk. Remember, insurance is not a product; it’s a promise and a trusted relationship.