business-2056029_640  Home and Auto Insurance Update Let’s face it, you buy home and auto insurance to protect you when and or if an accident happens. And when you have an accident, you want your personal insurance to respond.  If it has been a while since you updated your personal insurance coverage, you may want to call us today. When to Call Your Agent
  • When you buy or sell a car
  • If you started a home based business
  • If you are thinking about putting in a pool
  • When you purchased any high end jewelry, guns or other items
  • If your home replacement value has gone up
  • Did you get a company car?
  • If you have remolded any part of your home
  • When you install a security system in your home
  • If you get married or divorced
  • If your commute distance has changed
  • When your children go away to college
Having the right auto coverage is not as easy as it sounds, and choosing the wrong coverages and limits could lead to financial disaster.  Our team is prepared to help you find the right combination of coverage, price and service. We offer the following personal insurance services to our clients:
  • Homeowner’s insurance: From a broken washing machine to roof repair, our homeowner’s insurance policies go above and beyond construction warranties. We also have high value insurance plans available that start at $1,000,000.
  • Auto insurance: In every state, it is mandatory to have auto insurance if you intend to drive and operate motor vehicles. We offer responsive and comprehensive auto coverage for all of our clients.
  • Flood insurance: While flood insurance is often considered extra or unnecessary, it can be a saving grace if you live in a basin or an area prone to floods.
  • Tenant dwelling: When you rent out property, you have limited control over any damage that might occur. To protect your investment, tenant dwelling insurance can cover a range of damages like fire, burglary, storms and vandalism.
  • Recreational vehicle insurance: Under this policy, we cover vehicles such as boats, ATVs, Jet skis, motorcycles, and campers.
  • Personal umbrella: If an unforeseen even takes place or you cause an accident on your property, this kind of policy will provide the financial support you need.
At J.S. Edwards & Sherlock Insurance Agency, we are proud to help individuals and families get the coverage they need to have both financial security and peace of mind. To get start, give us a call at 409.832.7736 or fill out our contact form!