Shining A Light On An Epic FailA Commercial Insurance Update Small business owners work very hard to keep their operations running smoothly.  Running a small business takes a lot of personal dedication, but the rewards can be significant.  It is essential to have the right kind of commercial insurance in place in order to protect your assets and help increase profit. Business insurance can be complex, and small business owners do not always take the time to understand their risks.  Here are a few areas where small business owners can make big insurance mistakes.
  • Not using an independent agent. Independent agents have access to many markets, and can shop your business insurance to get you the best possible combination of coverage, price, and service.
  • Forgetting that your insurance can include loss of income. Also known as business interruption insurance, this coverage deals with loss of business income in the event of a disaster that is covered by your policy.  You need loss of income insurance to help you recover if your business is shut down because of a covered loss.
  • Not considering coverage for cyber losses. Cyber risk is one of the fastest growing risks small businesses face.  If your business suffers a cyber breach, the cost of notification can run $250 per individual.
  • Buying insurance, you do not need. Often small businesses have insurance they do not need, but conversely, they fail to consider insurance that can help save the business in the event of a loss.  Our professional staff can help review your risk and help you make an informed insurance buying decision.
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