construction-accident b f6A Texas Workers’ Compensation Update Workplace injuries cost employers billions of dollars each year. The top ten leading causes of workplace losses account for more than $50 billion according to EHS today.  Your business purchases workers’ compensation to provide for your employees in the event of an injury.  However, as you know your workers’ compensation premiums are directly tied to your losses, so it makes sense to create an awareness of safety within your business. Tips on How to Create Safety Awareness
  • Owners and management must take the lead in your safety program. If not, employees will think it is not of any value.
  • Develop written safety standards and actions for each job.
  • Hold employees accountable.
  • Have employees involved in the development of the safety program. Employees should have a seat on the safety committee.
  • It is important to reward success. If you have a period of time with no accidents, hold a party.
  • Track performance and if certain employees keep repeating poor behavior make it part of their employee performance review.
  • Every accident must be investigated.
  • There needs to be regular employee training on safety policies.
  • Employees need to be encouraged to actively participate in reporting violations and problems.
Regardless of what type of business you are in, securing workers compensation insurance should be an integral part of your business plan, particularly as a small business owner. In today’s litigious society, your company or organization simply cannot afford to live without workers’ compensation.  J.S. Edwards and Sherlock Insurance Agency can steer your business in the right direction when it comes to deciding on a plan that is best suited for your needs.  As a result, your company or organization will be confident and better prepared to face the challenges of doing business in the 21st century. J.S. Edwards & Sherlock can help you in your efforts to control workers’ compensation costs through effective loss control, experience modifier analysis, and aggressive claims handling.