palm-trees-4069748_1920A Texas Personal Insurance Update Tornado season in Texas runs through May and into June. There are more tornados in Texas than in any other state.”Unlike floods and earthquakes, tornadoes are generally covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy that includes windstorm coverage and do not require a separate policy.   If you live on some coastal waters you may need a special policy, so check with our office. Tornado Safety
  • Seek shelter whenever possible.
  • Do not stay in a mobile home or in a car.
  • Follow any instructions from local authorities.
  • Develop a family communication plan that might include notification of a family member outside the region.
  • Have a plan. Conduct tornado drills in your home with your family, and review your plan annually.
  • Keep extra supplies in your home including extra water, first aid equipment, and blankets.
  • If lightning begins while you are swimming or boating, get out of the water.
Here are three resources for additional information: For more information on emergency supply kits visit: Additional information on emergency planning is available For more information about severe weather awareness and building community resiliency, you can visit NOAA’s Weather-Ready Nation