9836405_xlSimple insurance saving tips to give you more time and money for your vacation Everyone wants to save time and money these days. But no one wants to jeopardize quality. We are here to help you save time and offer the best possible combination of personal insurance coverage, service, and price. We recommend that everyone should live within their means. That may mean spending less and saving more. But how can you do that in today’s world? We have a few suggestions.
  • You can save money on your insurance bills by going paperless. Most insurers offer discounts for those who desire a paperless personal insurance program.
  • If you are heading off on vacation, make sure your furnace and or air- conditioner are turned off.
  • Ask for discounts on your auto insurance. There are many including good student discounts for your teenagers.
  • Make a list before you go shopping and stick to it.
  • If your employer offers a matching 401K plan, take advantage of this, it is like finding money.
  • Talk through all major purchases with your partner. Make sure you have shopped around to get the best value.
  • Have a yard sale this summer. The average family takes in approximately $600 for a three-day sale.
  • Use an independent agent to help you shop for the best insurance for you.
  • Installing a programmable thermostat is a great way to cut down on energy usage.
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