9947354_lA Texas Business Insurance Update This could be a great year for your business.  With recent tax breaks there may be more money in our economy for people to spend on goods and services.  However, that does not reduce or limit your business risk.  In fact, you may have an increased business risk due to increased sales.  It is a good thing you have a business insurance policy to protect your business.  But are you sure your business insurance policy will cover your top risks? Top Business Risks Your Business Faces
  1. Cyber Liability is one of the fastest growing claims types in the United States. Your business has a greater chance of having a cyber breach than it does of having a fire.
  2. Sexual Harassment claims are very common these days—just look at the news. There are many major corporations that are dealing with harassment issues, and your firm may be next.  We recommend an employment practices liability policy to cover your business for harassment and other kinds of employment concerns.
  3. Business Interruption is the number two major concern for most CEO’s. With major storms last year, businesses all over the country suffered income loss due to business closures. Business Interruption coverage should be part of your insurance program, and it is important to have the right limit too.  Call us for a review.
  4. Fire loss is still considered a top risk issues for most businesses, and having the right kind of coverage is important. We are happy to review your limits, deductibles, and coverage.
A Personalized Insurance Package Because every business is different and has different needs, no two business insurance packages will be the same. J.S. Edwards & Sherlock Insurance Agency works with you to determine your areas of exposure, your business goals and the overall requirements of your industry to develop a business insurance package that has your business covered.