bigstock-Test-Equipment-With-Mini-Glass-35677928  Product Liability Insurance protects businesses from claims arising out of manufacture, distribution and sale of products, food, medicines, or other goods to the public.  It covers the liability for losses or injuries to a buyer or user caused by a defect of the product, and in some instances, a defective design or failure to warn. This coverage is sometimes referred to as “Products-Completed Operations Insurance.” Controlling the exposures and costs of product liability claims is a primary concern for many businesses today.  There are many exposures covered under Products Liability Insurance.  We wanted to identify a few of the most important ones: Manufacturing Defects - Claims or losses involving the flaws in the production process that cause injury or loss to the user. Design Defect - Involves flaws in design that cause a loss.  Do you remember the Ford Pinto cases in the 1970’s? There was a design flaw in the gas tank which caused the tank to explode if the car was rear-ended. Defective Warning - This involves improper product labeling and/or warnings.  The McDonald’s “coffee case” is an example of lack of warning. Small business insurance packages also typically include business income insurance, which guarantees compensation following covered events that halt your operations. Call Us Today Here at the J.S. Edwards & Sherlock Insurance Agency, were well aware of the unique challenges that you face as a small business owner. That’s why we offer small business insurance packages that are just as unique in the protection that they provide. We’ll work with you to help decide which insurance coverage your company needs. To get started, simply call us at 409.832.7736.