adsaasdA Personal Insurance Update Many things are happening in the world of personal insurance. One of our goals in writing these blogs is to keep you informed on the issues that concern you and your family.  While much of the news is good, there are some issues of which you need to be aware.  Here are some of the hot topics facing families in the world of insurance. An Increase in Non-Insurance Firms Writing Personal Insurance Every year or so, we hear of a large non-insurance company attempting to get into the insurance field.  Often, the company’s foray into insurance does not pan out, and can end badly for unsuspecting clients.  There is recent news that Amazon is thinking of getting into the insurance business.  Be aware that insurance should not be viewed as a box you buy off the shelf, or online.  You need a personal insurance policy designed by a licensed professional who understand your needs and risks. Motorcycle Accidents Are Down Deaths resulting from motorcycle accidents decreased from 46,476 in 2016 to 44,268 in 2017.  The five states with the highest motorcycle related deaths were:
  1. California 7,532
  2. Florida 4,323
  3. Texas 3,525
  4. South Carolina 1,732
  5. North Carolina 1,632
Source: National Insurance Crime Bureau 2018 The Five Most Expensive Cars to Insure According to an article by 24/7 Wall St., here are the five most expensive cars to insure:
  1. Tesla Model S
  2. Mercedes Benz S Class
  3. Mitsubishi Lancer
  4. Scion FR-S
  5. Dodge Charger
Most Americans Don’t Think About Special Insurance for Summer Activities Most people do not give insurance a thought when planning summer activities.  However, there are some insurance issues you might want to consider before planning your summer activities.  For example, are you renting out your home this summer?  Your homeowner’s insurance may not cover that.  Are you planning a trip to a foreign country?  Check your health insurance as you may not have the right insurance. Important Home Maintenance Tips There are things you can do to keep your home protected from damage and help keep your homeowner’s insurance as low as possible.
  1. Caulk where needed. Caulking keeps moisture out.
  2. Clean your dryer lint trap and exhaust duct to prevent fires.
  3. Test and clean a sump pump if you have one.
  4. Inspect and clean chimneys annually.
  5. Clean and maintain gutters.
  6. Check for foundation damage and/or cracks.
  7. Inspect your deck for damage and make repairs.
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