Unlocked Smartphone Lock Internet Phone Hand Businesspeople PresTexas Insurance and Safety Update There are various ways of enhancing home security systems, and wireless home security systems are often touted as one of the best ways of implementing home security.  The wireless security systems (like the wireless camera security systems) have six main advantages over their wired counterparts. Having a home security system will help keep your homeowner’s insurance premiums low.  We recommend that you call us to review your homeowner’s insurance and let us see how we might be able to help reduce your premiums.  Here are a few advantages of a wireless home security system. Easy installation — The wireless home security systems are so easy to install that you can install them all by yourself.  There is no need to hire outside help for installation and configuration of a wireless security system.  This is also an advantage because you alone will know the location of your wireless security cameras and the security codes. Install anywhere — Since wireless security systems forego the use of wires, you can install them anywhere you wish, as long as they are in the range of their controller. This really makes things very convenient. You can install the wireless home security cameras in the bushes, on the terrace, or just about any place that you want to monitor. Flexibility –With a wireless security system, you can easily alter your home security plan whenever you want. For example, the location of outdoor wireless security cameras can easily be changed in a hassle-free manner. Cleaner look – One very distinctive advantage with wireless home security systems is that they are not at all messy. There are no wires running all through your house. Extra safe – Wireless security can also be considered safer than wired security. A wired security system can quickly become inoperable if the wires become severed, either due to lack of maintenance, or due to intentional tampering by burglars etc. Ease of maintenance – A wired security system is bulky, since the wires used for a wired security system also form part of the security system. Maintaining a bulky system is generally more difficult and takes more effort than a simple, less bulky one. The wires will eventually need replacement, re-anchoring, or re-routing. Since your home is your most valuable asset, you need homeowners insurance. It gives you financial protection if something unexpected happens to your home, theft, fire, a natural disaster, or other loss. At J.S. Edwards & Sherlock, we offer a wide variety of homeowners insurance plans that are custom designed to suit your needs. The result is an individualized policy that gives you the peace of mind and protection you need.