Diversity Business People Insurance Policy Seminar Conference CoLet’s start with the fact that as an independent agent we have access to more markets, greater options and in most cases competitive personal insurance products. We often get asked questions about insurance and are happy to educate and inform our client about their insurance. Let’s get started with a number of questions regarding personal insurance.
  1. What is the best way to obtain a quote for my personal insurance?
There are many ways to get a competitive quote on your personal insurance. You can go to our website and fill out a quick quote form or call our office and talk to a licensed professional who can provide you with many options including; limits, coverage and deductible options.
  1. Why is replacement cost coverage so important?
Your homeowners insurance is designed to repair or replace your home and personal property that is burned, stolen, damaged or destroyed by a covered peril. Replacement cost gives you the comfort that no matter what you paid for the item you will be able to replace it with a new item.
  1. Is flood or earthquake covered under my homeowners insurance?
No, flood insurance needs to be purchased under a separate policy. We recommend flood insurance to anyone living in a flood zone, close to water that has flooded in the pat or close to any water, or any river. Once a flood occurs there is a thirty day waiting period before any coverage can be purchased.
  1. Will my auto insurance cover my Uber driving?
No, if you drive your personal auto for Uber or any other taxi service, you will need a separate auto insurance policy. Also, if you rent your home on VRBO or other rental sites for side income, your homeowners insurance will not cover you. There are special insurance products for these kinds of risks; please call our office for more information.
  1. I drive my personal vehicle for company business as a delivery vehicle, do I need to make any adjustments to my personal insurance?
If you drive on company business on an incidental basis, there is no need to adjust your auto insurance. If you are in outside sales, all you need to do is let your agent know, and the policy can reflect the risk. If you drive your vehicle as a delivery service for your employer, we will need to make adjustment to your auto insurance policy. Choosing the right coverage for your home depends on a number of factors. You generally need enough insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding your home and replacing your personal possessions. The homeowners policy also provides personal liability insurance to defend you in the event of a lawsuit. At J.S. Edwards & Sherlock, we can help you find a plan that suits your specific needs. Don’t wait another second to ensure your home is properly insured. Call us today at 409-832-7736 for more info on your options for personal insurance coverage.